In 2005 we decided to enter ITV's X-Factor competition and progressed through the early rounds, earning several call backs before being invited to perform for  Simon Cowell, Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh.


At that time, we didnt even have a name for the band, our acoustic sessions were known simply as "Jam Nite", but we were informed that we would have to come up with a name for the band before we could perform for the judges. With nothing in mind, and time running out, Barrie spotted a sign on the wall that read "The X-Factor: Area-D". So if you ever wondered just where the name Area-D came from, now you know!!


We sang some of our most popular songs from jam sessions including versions of Blue's "All Rise" and The Commodores "Easy". The judges liked us enough to put us through to the bootcamp stage where we were mentored by Simon Cowell.


We travelled down to London before an early morning coach trip to a country mansion in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

In our company were acts such as Shane Ward, Journey South, Andy Abraham not to mention the infamous Chico!


The first day of bootcamp was filled with interviews and practice... Then more interviews and practice. The heat of the day didnt help things, but it was now time for our performance in front of our new mentor, Simon Cowell.


The producers of the show had informed us that we had to prepare 5 songs to perform acapella at bootcamp, "easy enough" we thought. However, 3 days before setting off for London, we had a major setback when informed that one of the songs had to be performed as a song and dance routine!

None of us had any kind of dancing background - we were an acoustic and vocal harmony band at that stage!


Simon loved our redition of Extreme's "More than words" and the vocal performance of The Real Thing's "You to me are everything", not so much the dance routine!!

So unfortunately, a lack of stage presence (and dancing skills!) would prove to be our downfall and our run in the competition was over.


After this set back, we decided to up our levels of performance and attempted to put together a full live band, but things didnt work out to plan with the new members so we went back to the drawing board.

We needed livelier set lists and songs to get the crowd going at parties, that is when we discovered 'click tracks' which we now use to back us up.


We improved our sets over time with the help of a local bar who gave us the oportunity to perform on Saturday nights. As we improved the set lists, and with the bar full to capacity for every performance, we decided to seek an agency who could take us that little bit further.

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